November 02, 2021

Now you have new website with blog what now? Let’s write again?

After I read some books, articles, mediums, and even blog posts. I am doing bullet journaling for my personal growth and work-related, which gives me a sign and asks myself why not try to write a blog at least one or two weekly or monthly? To build a habit and to improve my English and grammar.

While my redesign and rebranding my website are still on work in progress I want to start writing because I want to share my progress, experiences, and even thoughts. But I am not confident where I can start with this. Yes, I can write with the help of my personal bullet journal, but not as whole articles, and the way of presenting that is why I am thinking like a short tidbits and notes style. Let's see the next step in this. I want to write because I am inspired by Budi Tanrim writing. But for now, this might be my first initiation.

Some challenges I see here are:

  1. My grammar — I am not a native English person and am trying my best to write what I can.
  2. Schedules - Do I need to make a schedule or whatever came to my mind?
  3. Topics - There are a lot of topics I want to discuss at the same time I want to also filter out what is really important to share.

But for now,I will keep my writing concise. If you have a tips advice on writing you can ping me anytime at twitter @ericsonluciano_ Cheers! ☕️