Hi! I'm Ericson.

I'm a Designer & Front-end Developer based in Manila, Philippines. I'm currently User Interface Designer at PayMongo (YC 19)

I have eight years of experience working in tech companies and startups, creating intuitive and unique user experiences. I can proudly say I'm a self-taught designer. I'm passionate about learning new things and sharing learnings with my co-workers, friends, and my new blog. An 🍜 ramen and ☕️ coffee (black, latte, and cappuccino) lover.

When I'm not working, I enjoy attending Indie gigs (Which I miss due to this pandemic), reading books about design, self-help, and leadership, and volunteering at ReactJS Philippines as a Core Member and a Figma Community Advocate at Friends of Figma, Philippines.

Before PayMongo, I worked at Multisys Technologies Corporation, a software firm company working on building client and internal projects. During this time, I also started the Fintechry a curated job board in fintech industries.